GOTEC COMMODITIES is one of the pioneers of success in the export of rice, cashew, coffee in the country to the neighboring countries and the world.

More than 5 years in the field of exporting agricultural products, we are proud to bring international friends the clean and elite products of Vietnamese agriculture. Currently, GOTEC COMMODITIES products are available in the US – one of the most demanding markets in the world, extending across Asia and Europe. The high quality of these products, rice, coffee has created a firm belief with partners, helping Vietnam affirm the image of a country rich in agricultural resources.

Looking forward, GOTEC COMMODITIES will strive to diversify and improve the quality of its products, promote the plan of cooperation and expand its exports. world.

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Quality according to AFI standard, production line modern, automatic from shredding, silk sorting … we have X-ray machine, color shot machine, metal detector. Products are manufactured according to BRC, HACCP, ISO22000.


Gotec Commodities is one of the leading professional coffee exporters in Vietnam. To that end, the company has a market development team that is on par with the world market, dynamic, professional, creative and efficient.


By virtue of business ethics as a guideline for all activities, Commodities always strive to create clean, fragrant rice grains of the delicate Mekong Delta, bringing consumers delicious meals. , round health. The Gotec Commodities brand has made labor values and brought farmers’ dreams to domestic and international friends.
Owning a factory of more than 5000m2 with a capacity of 12 tons per hour and a capacity of 4000 tons of rice, all Gotec Commodities rice trade is convenient for both road and water transport.

Packing: packed in 5kg, 10kg, 25kg or 50kg bags and 5kg, 10kg BOPP film bags. The bags can be packed with a total weight of 25MT into a 20ft container.